We usually come across few kids who feel uncomfortable, short-tempered and revved for all certain issues.  The cause of this unusually intense emotion is mainly because of the brain disorders. Bipolar disorder can cause dramatic mood swings, frustration, anxiety, confusions, but the very next day, they may be happy and relaxed. This disorder affects about one percent of the total population and it can attack at any age, but mainly seen in kids, young adulthoods or at the age of 50-60.  As per the latest report by the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 5 to 6 million adults in the United States suffer from bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder is mainly caused by the hormonal imbalance, malfunctioning of the nervous system, abnormalities in brain development and its functions. According to the recent research, the abnormal cell metabolism also plays an important role in bipolar disorder.

There are many symptoms of this disorder which differs from person to person based on their age. Few similar symptoms found in a few cases with this disorder are-

  • Irritability,
  • Mood swings,
  • Not having proper sleep,
  • Loss of energy and not able concentrate on work,
  • Always feeling depressed, lost, filled with negative thoughts, etc.

Bipolar Disorder is also called as or a mental disorder categorized by serious and significant mood swings. Here are a few activities for kids with this disorder:

  1. Involve your kids in several physical activities. This helps in boosting the hormonal levels and makes the kids feel more balanced and relaxed.
  1. Make your kid always busy either watching good movies, playing games with their friends, and also engaging themselves in gentle exercises like swimming, walking, etc.
  1. Help your kid in completing their regular schedule. Always make sure that they complete their daily activities by having their meals on proper time, taking their medicines by their own, completing their assignments and having a good sleep.
  1. Try to reduce their stress both at home and their school work. Help them in their studies by introducing new technologies, both at home and in school to learn, understand and remember the concept very easily.
  1. Support your child in a right way. Pay attention to them, explain if they are wrong. For example, few children do not like to have milk, vegetables and they love only to have junk foods. Tell them the importance of proteins and other nutrient supplements required for our body development.

These were few activities for kids with this disorder. As there is no particular treatment for this disorder, parents should handle the situation with patience and they should never show their anger or shout at them, as this may lead to manic and depressive mood episodes. Consult the child psychology, regularly to know the improvement in a child’s behavior. The best solution to this problem is the meditation and yoga, as to keep the mind away from the tensions and disturbance.

Apart from all these activities, parents should educate their kids about their disorder and show their care, affection, and love to their children.

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