The advancement in the technological arena is largely popular with the world. It would be pertinent to mention here that not only the present generation, but also the elderly people have been conversant with operating the internet. Most of the elderly people have Facebook accounts and use Skype regularly. The question to ponder upon would be whether elderly people, operating internet with ease, depends on the nation they live or does the people around them make a significant impact with their knowledge on internet and other gadgets. Acorn Stairlifts, manufacturer of curved stairlifts would reveal some important data.


It would not be wrong to suggest that younger generation has welcomed technological advancement with a motive to help them with a number of aspects. They would look forward to making use of internet in banking and making instant payments in stores and restaurants. Could the same be said about the elderly people? Have they welcomed debit card, which would help them pay for something instantaneously.

The Barclaycard, UK reveals about 20% of contactless users, being over the age of 65 have welcomed technology and the latest systems. However, a plethora of people may join them, suggesting a 55% over 65 years of age using tap to pay service. It has been significant rise of 3% since 2016. Another research by Saga supported the revelation with figures of one in five, over the age of 50 years have been using their contactless cards approximately three times in a week.

Stay connected online

For several youngsters, internet has become the major platform to stay connected with the world. Facebook and Twitter has made people receive instant news from their local area and that of the world. Whether the older generation comfortable with it?

UK has more than 21%, over the age of 50 claiming to receive daily news from social platforms. Germany has only 9% over 50 years getting news from social networks and 34% receiving daily news from the internet. However, Italy and France reveals figures of 13% of elderly looking up to social media for news. In Canada, around 25% of people beyond 50 look up to social networking sites for news and relevant information.