Movavi Video Editor allows you to use basic video editing tools to edit your MP4 videos. It has an interface that is easy enough for beginner users to take just a few minutes to become familiar with all the features. The buttons are big and the words on the buttons label are large making them easy to read.

Movavi MP4 editor allows you to open your MP4 video files in a number of ways including dragging the videos onto the timeline or click on the Add Media Files button, or click on the Add Folder button to add videos in one or more folders at a single time.

If your videos is on your camcorder, you just click the Add Media Files button and locate the video files on the folder in your camcorder to open them. You can also record videos with your webcam with the video capture tool by clicking on the Record Videos button.

Movavi Video Editor has a video cutting and splitting tool which appears as a scissor icon on the toolbar. The scissor tool works with the red marker in cutting and splitting a video. Clicking on the scissor tool on any position where the red marker is will cut the video right at that position in the timeline. When you press the Export button, you can also cut your video by moving the triangle markers.

Movavi Video Editor allows you to rotate your video by 90 degree at a time with the rotate tool. To rotate a video, you select it and click on the rotate button as many times as you want until it is in the desired orientation. You can also use the crop tool to crop off the unwanted parts around the video. When you click the crop button, a square crop frame will appear. You can move the square crop frame onto the area of the video that you want to retain and click on the crop button again to crop it.

Movavi Video Editor allows you to add special effects that you can only achieve when capturing the video with an expensive camcorder. Various types of special effects can be added including noise, color correction, glass mosaic, motion blur, and paper planes. To add special effects, you must select the Filters tab which is the second tab to the left and drag the desired filters onto the video clip in the timeline. If you add a filter, you will see a star icon. You can add as many filters as you want in the video clip.

You can also add fades to your video under the Transition tab on the left. You will find a list of fade transitions by selecting the Fade category. If you want to see a certain transition style on your video, you can drag it onto your video clip exactly at the point where you want to add it. You will see a gray bar with the transition icon at the point where you have added it.

Movavi Video Editor allows you to add text titles which are useful for various purposes such as adding subtitles, introduction at the beginning of the video or closing credits at the end of the video. If you drag a text title onto the video clip, you will see the text block instantly on the preview area. You should double click on the text block to enter the text.