NeuroPEPT is regarded as the most potent nootropic which is 1000 times stronger compared to the original nootropic. This drug was developed in Russia in the year 1990 in the form of a superior antecedent to Cyclo-L-prolylglycine which has got numerous cognitive enhancing and protecting effects. This drug is commonly recognized as Noopept. The vigorous compound Noopept is utilized by people to improve alertness, focus, motivation, verbal fluency, mental energy and anxiolytic effects. This drug has been researched well for its capability to shield your brain from oxidative injuries. It is a more powerful derivative of Piracetam, the well-known nootropic that is being used today.

The information on this cognitive enhancer says that this medication is completely safe to be used but its effects in high dosages and long-term use haven’t been known so far. This drug doesn’t come equipped with serious negative side effects if the users take it suitably. It is also true that not everyone experiences similar effects with this drug. This medication is known to improve communication between the neurons present in the brain and endorse neuroplasticity. It has also been proved that it increases the appearance of the neurotrophins, namely BDNF and NGF.

The process of working

This drug displays many mechanisms of actions that contribute to improved memory, brain health, and mental performance. According to research, it has been proved that this nootropic leaves an optimistic impact on Senile Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, cerebrovascular problems plus other disorders which damage the long-term functioning of the memory. This nootropic is known to augment beta brain and alpha wave activity in various parts of your brain. It also increases activities in more areas of the brain compared to Piracetam. This is associated with wakefulness, alertness, focus, and general cognitive ability. This compound is also known as Ampakine as it grows the initiation of brain receptors.

These receptors are situated on neurons which are associated with the controlling of memories for long-term storage and this mechanism is known as Long-term Potentiation. This nootropic has similar effects like other racetam drugs but technically they are different. Racetams are renowned for inducing acetylcholine pathways in your brain. They are known to upsurge acetylcholine synthesis and the thoughtfulness of cholinergic receptors in those parts of the brain that are linked to affect sensory perceptions and memory. This drug is also associated with process relating concentration, attention and behavior regulation, arousal, and verbal reasoning.

The mechanism of taking this drug

Every capsule of this drug comprises of 20mg of the dynamic constituent Noopept and this is taken in dosages between 5mg and 30mg daily. However, Cognitive Nutrition suggests a dosage between 20mg and 60mg daily. The manufacturers’ information on this cognitive enhancer says that one must take 1-3 capsules as per the requirement either in the morning or in the afternoon. You can start by taking a capsule during the morning and you can increase it as per your requirement. For the finest outcomes, you ought to stack it either with CDP Choline or Alpha GPC. Taking it minus a choline source can sometimes result in brain fog, irritation, headache, and a shortage of mental clarity.