Why should you volunteer?

Giving back by donating your time to drive a cause lowers stress, feels good from an altruistic point of view, and creates a social impact. Volunteering is also an excellent way to enhance your career and education prospects, regardless of the cause you choose. Moreover, it is claimed to bring a person happiness and a sense of purpose. When you volunteer with an NGO, you have the potential to grow as a person, gain a whole new set of creative and innovative skills that you may not find in the corporate world and this helps you stand out and make a great impression.

What makes a great volunteer?

Do your research. Know the organization you’re going to volunteer at inside out. Get details not only on their current activities, but also on their past projects and future endeavour plans. If there isn’t enough information on their website, email an employee. The organization will have an easier time bringing you into the workforce and will appreciate your enthusiasm.

It is crucial that you know your existing skill-set and how you can use it. This will help boost productivity. But to be assured that you’re making the most of your volunteer experience and are doing the best you can for the organization, step out of your comfort zone as often as you can. After all, you’re here to indulge in a rich real-world learning experience.

Solidify your commitment to the cause by picking an organization that lets you combine your goals to do good and to grow personally and professionally as well. For example, if you’re looking to incorporate a drive for social good into your career, social enterprises are a great place to find your calling. Social crowdfunding is a vibrant and exciting industry that gives the best of both worlds – a workplace with corporate benefits and a chance to work towards the greater good. In fact, other non-profits are quickly starting to learn how crowdfunding works and turn to the concept to fund their various projects.

Don’t be afraid to wear different hats. One day you may have to use your hard-earned skills and knowledge to solve a problem, and the other day you may sell tickets or pack boxes. Embrace it all; have an open mind and a willingness to jump into any role. Flexibility is one of the most vital qualities of a great volunteer.

Making a social impact in the corporate world

Spending time using your talents at a non-profit is a great way to explore new avenues. Social enterprises like NGO crowdfunding or social crowdfunding platforms provide for an opportunity to make a career out of giving. Social crowdfunding helps propel funding that in turn enable NGOs around the world to make a larger impact. Thousands of non-profits that tend to lack funding have started tying up with crowdfunding platforms in the past decade and have gained immensely. Today, more organizations can tell their stories to a large audience, unbounded by geography and create and grow donor networks. From 2012 to 2015 alone, US $16.2 billion have been donated through crowdfunding platforms worldwide. Social crowdfunding is thus single-handedly changing the statistics in the funding industry.

Social crowdfunding platforms like Impact Guru have seen hundreds of NGOs and underprivileged medical patients creating fundraisers for their causes. The industry is predicted to grow quickly as it provides a secure and transparent donation platform for the Indian non-profits that have countless stories to tell, a potentially large support network but were initially unable to collect donations. Due to lack of awareness of the concept, talent is scant but growing slowly as the trend of social good through crowdfunding grows as well. The crowdfunding industry in India is young and buzzing, but is progressing with a pace that will not leave it far behind its western counterparts in the near future.