Meals are very important to everyone’s health. It is the first basic need. In ancient times people survived only to earn their meals; they used to attack other clans as well as being attacked by other clans for only foods. The clan with more dominance had the largest store of foods. Today too, it’s same, but the fight is different. Today, human try to earn more and more not only for food but their other comfort needs and safety. In that rush of earning more and more, they forget about taking their meals on time or even skip their meals. So many times it might have happened with you that in a hurry to reach your workplace on time you didn’t eat your meal. So many times you might have skipped your meals as you had afternoon meetings.

The perils of skipping meals

Meals are too important to skip. It slows down your metabolism which would make your body to gain weight. It can also make it harder for you to lose your weight. Experts say that if you go without meals for a long time, your body will go in to survival mode, which would in turn make your cells of the body to crave for more food and then you will gain a lot of weight.

That is another reason why people say that you shouldn’t skip meals to lose weight, as eventually, you will end up gaining a lot more weight. You could also end up with low nutrients and then have fatigue, poor mental function and other health concern. There are many scary things which can happen when you skip your meal.

What is the best way not to skip a meal and yet not consume so much time eating?

When you are in a hurry, you can take the required nutrient without spending much time on it, and that would also help your body gain as much nutrient it needs. Replacing your meals with meal replacement smoothies for weight loss benefits you in two ways. One is that you don’t waste too much time on eating if you are in a hurry and the seconds is that shakes contain fewer calories than a full meal, which will help you maintain/lose your weight without your body going in any deficiency of nutrition.